Heart & Soul

Authentic connection with women has always been life giving to me and many times a sacred support group. We all know life can sure throw us some curve balls and my girls have been there each time gathering around for love, shared tears, laughter, good times and a cocktail!  

As I've crossed well into my 40's now, Wow! how did that happen? What's important is different than it was 20 years ago.  I look back and treasure each season of my life, even the painful ones. Each one different and bringing with it a unique gift and learning. But now, this new season of life feels special, deeper, a more intimate connection with myself.  This season is sacred friendships, extra hugs to the kids as I watch them continue to grow up and get ready to leave the nest, looking at the hubby like, 'Wow, what will it be like when it's just you and me again', scheduled time with girlfriends for lunch or a treasured weekend to walk beaches and connect. Even simple Saturday afternoon creative art sessions have become treasured time. Life is busy, tender, beautiful, inspiring, challenging and full of sacred moments all at the same time. 

Creating Retreats for Soulful Living is creating space for women to come together, connecting with themselves and one another, collectively embracing our beauty and strengths, accepting ourselves where we are, encouraging one another on the journey. It is a dream come true. I feel honored to be apart of all I know is to come from these beautiful experiences. 

The beauty of Retreats and traveling outside your daily experience is that every place in the world holds its own magic and beauty just waiting to be received. My hope is to create retreats that make space for experience, that draw women from all kinds of creative and cultural backgrounds together into moments of creativity and beauty that each women can receive in her own way. Collaborating within a beautiful community of female artists on each retreat will open the way for many unique, rich and creative experiences. I'm sooooo excited about this part! 🦋✨😍

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time - this is a big step. As I sit here today heart full, manifesting all the good vibes and joy for new experiences. I was reminded of something I read last year and it seems so pertinent to life right now. 

Life is not something separate or apart from you. There is a power, a life force, that moves, guides, directs and inspires you.  You are one with life, with life’s energy.  You will have all the guidance, energy, ideas, creativity, power and ability you need to do all your meant to do.  And you will be given the power to enjoy it.  

~ Melody Beattie (Journey to the Heart) 

I am excited for the opportunity to  journey into the unknown. I’m grateful for all the women before me who have paved the way, The Creatives, The Seekers, The Adventurers, The Artists, The Dreamers, The Gatherers, The Nurturers, The teachers, The Healers, The Mothers, The Wise Souls from years past, The Young Women beginning their journey. You all inspire me!

The beautiful energy you all hold, the soul within you and the inspiration you continue to bestow upon the world is what the world needs now and always.Keep shining your light, beautiful women of the world, it spreads farther and wider than you know and it inspires so many in its path! 

 I’m super excited this dream is now a reality.🦋 

Blessings and Love,