sacred ceremony between women

taking time to gather together and turn our thoughts inward. connecting to our inner wisdom, creating intentions, letting go of what no longer serves us and manifesting our hearts longings.

The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon's various phases. It is also an opportune time to attract your heartfelt longings by doing a moon ritual focused on manifestation. the new moon phase is a time for connecting within, listening to your hearts longings and manifesting your intentions. 

On the full moon, the earth and sun are aligned like the new moon, but the moon is on the other side of the earth directly opposite the sun. Thus, the entire illuminated portion can be seen on earth, full and round. This represents fertility, transformation, completion and abundance. a suitable time for letting go of what no longer serves us.

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.
— buddha


join us each month for our Full Moon and new moon rituals. We will gather together as women in ceremony as we let go of what is no longer serving us in our lives, connect with our inner longings, and discuss how to manifest these longings into reality. coming together as a group of women holds its own powerful energy and together with a common goal of looking within, supporting one another and setting intention for our lives we bring forth beauty and abundance.  we will talk about what it means to let go of what no longer serves us and move into meditation and ceremony as we connect with our inner wisdom. taking time to focus on our inner voice and truth leads the way to clarity of mind and helps us set our personal intentions and fill our hearts with promise. 

When it comes to setting goals or planning ahead for the future, there is no better time to get started than during the new moon. Intentions and longings stated out loud or written down on paper, hold power.  This is why it is a good practice to rededicate your list of intentions each month when another new moon cycle returns for a visit.


Join us monthly at Moonbird Soulful Living for our moon ceremonies. while connecting in sacred community.  We will share how to begin moon practices of letting go and intention setting which you can do in the comfort of your own home or sacred space. On the New Moon and full moon we will gather together, as a community of women, and take time to quiet all that is outside as we connect with our inner longings and focus on letting go, setting intentions and manifesting.  We will talk about journalling, meditation, letting go, intention setting, manifestation, celebration and goal setting.