Travel brings power and love back into your life.
— Rumi

The spirit behind

retreats for soulful living


The beauty of attending a Retreat and traveling outside our daily experience is that every place in the world holds its own magic and beauty just waiting to be received.

our hope and heart for retreats for soulful living is to draw women from all creative and cultural backgrounds together and make space for those experiences. to be present in moments of creativity and embrace the beauty around and within us. retreats for soulful living are created to be a space where we can connect and experience meaningful friendships in the midst of feeling fully alive in ourselves and our uniqueness and receive something uniquely special meant just for us.

The desire is to make room in our lives to restore and renew, have fun, laugh, be gentle with ourselves, cultivate adventure and expand our creativity, all while inviting in spirit through art, yoga, meditation and ceremony. our belief is that making space for these things in our lives brings with it rich personal experiences, moments of beauty and enjoyment and is sacred time spent on ourselves.

our retreats embody the unique spirit of each of the women who are a part of our gatherings. The artists, the dreamers, the creatives, the seekers, the nurturers, the explorers - each one sharing her creativity, adventuresome spirit, enthusiasm and inner beauty. we are grateful for each woman who shares her gifts, enriching our community and making our retreats unique and soulfully abundant.

Come • Be • Receive


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