creating a space to support wellbeing, self discovery, and deep transformation by gathering together in sacred circles

meditation • grounding rituals • mindfulness • ceremony

heart journalling • intention setting • self-compassion

Don’t look outside,

Look inside yourself and seek that.
— Rumi
Pixie Lighthorse author of the Prayers of Honoring Series

Spirit gatherings

Monthly 7:00 - 8:00

beginning January 2019

I am honored to offer our spirit gatherings as a sacred space for women to gather in support of one another. A space to come alive and connect in new and deeper ways. A space to come home to ourselves.

I believe we all have within us the healing power and strength to journey home to ourselves. By gathering in sacred circle and sharing the wisdom of our hearts we are encouraging and supporting one another on our journey towards deep transformation.

Our gatherings are an invitation for 12 women to join us each month in cultivating a deeper relationship with ourselves. Gathering in a safe space to look inside ourselves and reflect on what is happening in the world around us and how it is effecting our lives. How do we live with a deeper awareness of self and others during these times? How do we move into our own healing and support the healing of relationships with others? How do we connect with our truth and live it without fear?

I believe living with awareness and intention is of utmost importance today. Cultivating a life of mindfulness and self compassion is key to the healing of ourselves and the world. Connecting to our truth and hearing the truth of others is the medicine needed to heal the world.

Each gathering will begin with a grounding ritual as we introduce our sacred intention. We will share wisdom and reflect as a group then move into a guided mediation. All gatherings are grounded in spirit, love and self-compassion. A tender awareness of sharing space with others and everyones beautiful and unique journey will be present.

We all have the ability to be the healer of our lives. By gathering together in sacred community and offering wisdom, love and compassion to one another we are a part of the healing of the world.

experience the beauty of your ‘becoming’