Faux Finish Collage • May 26

Faux Finish Collage • May 26


Join us for an afternoon of fun with Artist, Gwen Ware, as we create nature and found object collages on canvas. We will be layering plaster, found objects, paint, photos  book text on canvas. You have freedom to add spirit into your design with your own personal imagery, sacred words, quotes and found objects.

Enjoy the process of moving slowly connecting within as you let your spirit emerge into your creation.  

Included in your workshop:

Workshop Fee $40.00

Supply Fee of $15.00  

* All supplies are included.  We encourage you to notice nature in the next few weeks as you walk through your days. Bring favorite photos, found natural objects such as leaves, twigs, butterfly wings and any texts, imagery or collage elements you would like to include in your creation. All of these collected items will make for a rich and beautiful creation you will cherish for years to come.

Pay Workshop Fee $55.00