Shannon lead an awesome afternoon of dyeing and now..... I’m addicted to indigo!
— Brittaney M
Some people have a presence that you feel safe with, a trusted guide, grounded and connected to self and spirit. Beth is one of those people. Over the years I’ve worked with Beth as a colleague in breath workshops, I’ve experienced her gift of holding a felt sense of sacred space for others. Beth welcomes the adventure and the pauses, bringing experience and depth to your creative journey.
— Christine Edwards • Brennan Healing®

It should come as no surprise that when two “crafty” minds come together, they will naturally craft something up together. That was, in fact, the case with handmade mavens Shannon Mulkey and Christy Petterson and their joint effort in creating the Indie Craft Experience. As makers individually, they knew they wanted to create an event that would bring their community together and showcase the artisanship of handmade goods.
— Designsponge

Beth’s compassionate and grounded presence invites an inner safety required to come home to one’s self. She is like a mid wife of the Soul, empowering those in her presence as she holds up their beauty and offers a space for it to bloom.
— Summer E.