Kathy Carter - Morocco 2019 retreat

Marrakech was on the wish list of places to visit for my daughter and me, but we were hesitant to make the trip on our own. The opportunity to see this ancient and beautiful city presented itself through Retreats for Soulful Living. The idea was even more appealing to us as a trip planned for like-minded women to create together, share and learn from each other. 

We found Morocco to be a heady, sensory overload experience. We highly recommend indulging yourself in the sights, sounds, tastes and lovely people of Morocco with Christina and Shannon. Not to mention learning about and creating one of a kind indigo pieces, each as unique as the women who created them. Our time was carefully and thoughtfully planned in a way that made us feel special every day. We wanted for nothing and felt like a Queen all while having so much fun! Thank you for the abundance of beautiful memories that we will cherish forever. We could not be more grateful for the experience.

If you are asking yourself, should I do this? The answer is resoundingly, YES!

kate Mcleod- morocco 2019 retreat

I'm not even sure where to begin. My experience with Retreats for Soulful Living. Morocco was everything you would think - the food was amazing, the experiences set up for us were all incredible….Camel riding! Spa day! Shopping in the souks! Indigo dying! the people of Morocco were unbelievably kind, and more. But, this trip was way more than that for me. Last year, I went through a divorce and then death of my ex-husband - 2018 left me feeling isolated, spent, and worn out. I took this trip and felt transformed. The people on the retreat, including Christina and Shannon, were all profoundly gifted, lovely, and willing to scoop up my tired bones to help me be on a path of nurture and healing. The retreat was set-up in a way that included mindfulness, readings, moments together, and quiet moments apart. I feel like I left the trip with a new group of friends and mentors (as well as having a memorable experiences) that I will carry into the rest of my life. I feel immense gratitude for this experience.


Cortney Shallow - Tulum 2019 Retreat

My time, experience, and soul-filled retreat in Tulum completely filled my mind, body, and spirit in every way!! From circle time sharing and holding the space with other women to slow down, reflect, journal, meditate, a space to artistically create, and enjoying down time relaxing on the beach. It was a reset my heart and soul needed. Christina and Beth led the group with their WHOLE heart and it showed. They were so kind, so present, and really created the heart felt space to be heard and supported. No matter where you are in life, on a spiritual journey, or not, this is the women’s retreat for you.


Julie Church - Tulum 2019 Retreat

retreats for soulful living was an amazing experience of travel, reflection, amazing food, creating art and an absolutely beautiful safe setting at cabanas la luna. much was provided on the front and back end of the trip involving helpful travel info and communication. I’d highly recommend it!



What a wonderful introduction to a “personal filed guide to your highest self”


kimberly grove - tulum 2019 retreat

From the day I signed up for the tulum retreat I knew this is what I needed. christina and beth were wonderful and we all had a chance to learn a little, laugh a lot, have connection with each other and ourselves. I’ll definitely plan on attending another retreat.



A well organized retreat balanced with education, art, soul searching, mediation and amazing food and activities with so many lovely take home gifts.